Our Technologies

Our technology platforms help B2B companies infiltrate the market faster.

Backed by the leading industry technologies for Marketing Automation, CRM and Project Management, we ensure flawless and exemplary data and technological procedures. We are relentlessly focused on identifying and directing the key prospects to your product or solution by integrating big data technologies to define and configure unstructured data. Our automated technological reinforcements, aid in diminishing the pains and challenges faced by marketers and encourage organizations to stretch the dollars. Fuel your marketing engine and improve the outreach of your marketing campaigns and consequent sales opportunities, all thanks to automated marketing intelligence and lead management technologies.

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Hubspot- Marketing Automation


Our Marketing Automation platform makes it easier to monitor a prospects behaviors and patterns, connect and engage, and align your sales and marketing efforts to convert and retain the consumer. Marketers can now use the automated ecosystem to include critical elements such as prospect acquisition source, predictive analysis, and data validation to entirely asses and manage the entire demand generation factory.

  • More efficiently connected automated platform
  • Trigger relevant and timely actions
  • Personalized content throughout the contact’s life cycle
  • Move prospects down the sales funnel faster


Our CRM ensures that your marketing efforts don’t go vain and helps us keep our pipeline filled with fresh prospects and nurture ready leads. Along with providing reliable and segmented data, it enables build sales projections, identify lead sources, and present campaign activity reports. Not only does this benefit in measuring the effectiveness of the marketing and sales campaigns but also makes a more efficient sales process.

  • Inclusive customer history
  • Segmented and optimized target marketing
  • Customized solutions to meet targeted goals
  • Enhanced and tailored buying experience
  • Real-time lead management

Zapty- Project Management


The project management tool keeps the entire campaign collaboration on a centralized platform and contributes to tracking the progress of an ongoing campaign. It also allows us to define our marketing workflow through the different stages of a campaign, simultaneously communicating and providing the required deliverables. This establishes transparency in tasks and accountability in the tracking and successful completion of sales and marketing campaigns.

  • Multi-media virtual collaboration
  • Pre-planning campaign activities for better facilitation
  • Effortless and coherent communication
  • Share and approve assets
  • Track updates and completion status of every stage