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European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Effective May 25th, 2018, the EU GDPR was put into force which significantly influences the manner in which businesses collect, store and process personal data of individuals of the EU member states. The GDPR is expected to set new guidelines to improve and integrate the EU member countries’ personal data protection requirements; the framework of the privacy law is aimed at reforming the way in which organizations manage personal data. This includes companies who operate both within and outside the EU- conduct business operations in the EU and/or collect and process data of EU citizens. In general, the regulations aim at protecting the fundamental rights of the EU citizen.

Even though the new GDPR guidelines recommends granularity- personal data must be collected for “specified, explicit and legitimate purposes”, the overall framework of the laws governing the data remain unchanged. Our Privacy Policy outlines our position, duties, and responsibilities in the management of personal data.

Our dedication towards GDPR compliance

As an organization, Demand Junkies holds its obligation towards data security in a very critical manner and is fully committed to the protection of personal data used in business operations and/or while providing its products/services to companies both with and outside the EU. It is our continuing effort to ensure that we and our associates, affiliates, third-party associations and consumers comply with the regulations governing the use of data.

Our Course of Action

Demand Junkies has employed dedicated specialized resources and efforts to ensure our practices and business operations comply with requirements articulated in the GDPR. We handle, process and protect personal data with utmost efficiency; the scope of our further endeavors to improve privacy includes:

  • Revising our agreements with third-party business associates, affiliates and other entities to ensure essential processes to manage and process data is compliant with our Privacy Policy.
  • Revising and updating the terms of the contracts we uphold with our clients.
  • Keeping a record of our privacy practices in order to abide by the reinforced requirements of data management and processing.
  • Improve our offerings and business processes which are supported by data privacy procedures that enable us in fulfilling our obligations as an organization while protecting user rights.

Our Privacy Policy outlines the details of our obligation as an organization and the subject’s rights towards the collection and processing of personal data. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for specific information on any such personal data.

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